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    Sandra Padula is a standout in the sea of San Diego area Realtors. When my family wanted to purchase a vacation property in San Diego, we contacted several realtors we had seen with listings in the area and told them what we were looking to find. Many of them sent us their current listings, which did not have the specifications we requested. "Sandy Padula" was the only one to "listen to what we had to say and sprang into action to find what we wanted!" She went to the specific areas we were interested in and sent letters to the owners to see if any of them were interested in selling, since there was an interested buyer looking for a property. Her proactive approach resulted in an owner deciding to sell in the exact location we wanted. We did not end up buying that property, but Sandy was not deterred or put off that we did not purchase the exact thing we had said we wanted. She was happy to keep working with us until we found the right location for us. We are extremely happy with the purchase we made and with Sandy's excellent advice, counsel, and knowledge of the area along the way! -Andrea Moran Andra Moran
    Sandy is extremely committed to her clients and was flexible with us flying into town last minute. She spent a lot of time with us and was in contact with both my husband and I through the entire process. Always extremely responsive and patient, Sandy was fun to work with and we all trusted her expertise and personal opinion very much. We would highly recommend Sandy to anyone looking for a fantastic Real Estate Agent. Kevin & Kacey G.
    Sandra is a professional of rare quality in the real estate industry. I admire her attentiveness to the needs of her customers, her attention to transactional details, and her ability to communicate with buyers, sellers, and industry professionals in a way that build strong and trusting relationships, and that amicably resolves problems that invariably occur in sales transactions. I say rare because, as loan officer for several of her transactions, I have observed the loving kindness and genuine concern she displays for her customers. Sandra wants the best outcome for each customer, and I have witnessed her work tirelessly to make them happy...which leads to the important issue of character. I can sum it in one word - Impeccable. I can confidently say that Sandra is as truthful and honest-hearted as they come. She interacts well, in such a natural way, with people of all walks of life, nationalities, races. You can simply "come as you are" with your business and feel already "at home". Inevitably, Sandra becomes as extended family to those she works with, which is invaluable to me in bringing a loan to successful close. I highly recommend Sandra for anyone considering buying or selling a home. Sandra will provide you everything you expect and some additional pleasantries you may not! Jonathan Samuels President Broker Jescorp Funding
    Sandy is one of the most caring Realtors I've ever met! The process of selling or buying a home is detailed, yet highly emotional for both buyers and sellers alike. Sandy has the knowledge of the industry to handle the details in a professional, but kind, caring way. She will be your best advocate and best friend at the same time. You will stay her friend long after the transaction is over! Cheryl Sutcliffe Prime Lending
    Sandra has handled my real estate sales. She is detail oriented, presents all the informative options, listens to her clients' needs, and will provide her clients with organized and significant updates to optimize your real estate experience. If you are looking to buy or sell, Sandra is the best! Jenny Blair